Housing Recommendations In Karawang Starting From IDR 300 Million

Currently, housing recommendations in Karawang are quite sought-after, both as housing and investment. The reason is, Karawang is one of the cities that is quite developed. Take a peek at the housing recommendations here!

housing recommendations in karawang

Karawang City is one of the industrial areas in West Java that is developing! Like industrial estates in general, Karawang is also a destination location for entrepreneurs to open businesses and residential locations for workers.

In terms of infrastructure, Karawang has many transportation facilities that are quite adequate, ranging from toll roads to the construction of commuter lines and MRT.

If you are interested in living and buying a house in Karawang City, see the following housing recommendations!

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1. Grand Villa Karawang

Grand Villa Karawang

The first housing recommendation in Karawang is Grand Villa Karawang! Grand Villa Karawang is a residential area with a beautiful environment located in the center of Karawang.

Property People only need to travel 5 minutes to the mall, 15 minutes to the toll gate, and 10 minutes to Karawang Train Station.

In addition to its strategic location and being a favorite of local residents, don't miss the green concept.

Grand Villa Karawang ensures a green concept environment aka flood-free and filled with greenery! New Year's promos are available as follows:

  • Free SHM
  • Free BPHTB, AJB, BN & KPR
  • Free AC
  • DP 0%

2. Parkland Podomoro

Parkland Podomoro karawang

Located in the middle of the strategic route between Jakarta, Bandung, and Bogor, Karawang has now emerged as a flagship destination and a major center of attention in the property realm in West Java.

Evidence of this can be seen through the rapid development of modern infrastructure, including the construction of elevated toll roads and high-speed train networks.

Agung Podomoro Land also presents Parkland Podomoro in Karawang, a modern residential area that carries the concept of a Green Oriented Development City with a very strategic location.

This area is equipped with various luxury and premium facilities of the best in Karawang, providing unparalleled comfort for its residents. Parkland Podomoro also offers very promising investment opportunities.

Currently, there are two clusters with various types of choices, which can be a very attractive choice for those who are looking for quality housing in Karawang, namely, Emory Cluster and Evergreen Cluster.

3. Summarecon Emerald Karawang

Summarecon Emerald Karawang

Housing in Karawang comes with a modern, dynamic and harmonious concept! In addition to its security maintained with a double-check system, this housing is also equipped with supporting facilities.

In addition, this housing also provides adequate wide road access to support mobility, especially for residents.

There is also a special pedestrian path surrounded by trees so that it feels shady and comfortable, either for walking or jogging.

The price of one unit of house in this housing is sold starting from IDR 470 million.

4. Galuh Mas Karawang

Galuh Mas Karawang

This residential project in Karawang is not only a residence but also equipped with commercial areas such as shophouses.

The housing also has an education center and a health center! In addition, the location is close to various modern and traditional shopping centers.

This housing also has a variety of exciting rides and easy access with infrastructure and transportation centers.

One unit of house in this housing is sold starting from IDR 790 million.

5. Kartika Residence

Kartika Residence

This modern minimalist residence with one and two floors is located in a strategic location close to toll road access which facilitates the mobility of its residents.

This housing consists of several clusters with a residential concept that prioritizes an environmentally friendly natural balance or Green and One Stop Living.

To make the residents more comfortable, supporting facilities are also provided that will facilitate all activities and play with the family.

For the price, one unit of this house is sold starting from IDR 482 million.

6. Karawang Green Village 3

Karawang Green Village 3

This super comfortable housing is suitable to be a dream home because it offers a quality living experience with complete facilities.

This residence comes with the concept of "Home for Family" which prioritizes comfort and space function.

For design, this housing carries a modern and minimalist concept that adds a homey impression to the residence.

One unit of house in this housing is sold starting from IDR 329 million.

Hopefully it will be useful for those of you who are looking for a house in Karawang! Read other interesting articles by following larantukagypsum.com properti Indonesia.