7 Inspirations for European Style Luxury 1 Floor House Models

You must pay attention to the following European-style luxury 1-story house model inspirations if you are planning to have an aesthetic residence. Come on, take a look at the portraits in the description below.

European Style Luxury 1 Floor House Model.

Before building the best residence, it's a good idea to first think about the design of the house you want. Currently, there are many beautiful and unique house designs.

One of them is European house design! European-style houses have a charming shape and distinctive characteristics.

In fact, we can find European-style houses in old buildings or government offices left by colonialists in the past.

Given their tall shape and majestic appearance, European-style houses are often associated with buildings with 2 to 4 floors. However, you can also adopt European style for a one-story residence!

So, this time larantukagypsum.com Indonesia has collected inspiration for European-style luxury 1-story house designs which you can see in the description below.

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7 Inspirations for European-Style 1-Story Luxury House Models

1. Classic European Style House

Classic European Style House

This residential inspiration features a high floor, allowing for the addition of stairs on the terrace.

The fence along the sides of the terrace also adds an aesthetically pleasing classic touch to the house.

2. Simple European-Style House

Simple European-Style House

If you only have a small plot of land, you can still build a house with a European design.

Like the simple house image above, you can add horizontal line elements to the façade of the house, combined with bright colors.

For the roof, choose a gable roof with a dark color, typical of European houses.

3. European Style Tiny House

European Style Tiny House

There is no need to be sad if you only have a small piece of land! You can still have a 1-story European-style residence that is modern, luxurious, and comfortable to live in.

Like this 1-story European classic house, which looks luxurious with beige wall paint and decorative lights on the walls.

4. European Style 1 Floor House with Garage

European Style 1 Floor House with Garage

This European-style 1-story luxury house is designed with a spacious car garage on the side.

With a 1-story house design like this, you can have enough space to place your favorite vehicle without worrying about rain and heat.

Additionally, the spacious garage can also accommodate two-wheeled vehicles such as motorcycles.

5. Simple European House with Chimney

Simple European House with Chimney

The chimney seems to have become a characteristic of European-style houses. The reason is that Europe has winters that require a heating furnace connected to a chimney.

In Indonesia, especially in highland areas with cooler temperatures, you can still add a chimney design to enhance the beauty or use it as a fireplace during the rainy season.

6. Scandinavian Style European House

Scandinavian-Style European House

This Scandinavian design house is suitable for application in mountainous areas! Its dominant stone elements can give both a classic and modern impression.

Additionally, the yard with its shady trees further complements the accent of the residence.

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