7 Low Capital Home Businesses With Large Turnover in Indonesia

Large Turnover Home Business - A home business can be operated alongside your daily routine, offering convenience and profitability right from home. There's no need for extensive travel, ensuring safety and comfort.

Large Turnover Home Business

For property owners, numerous aspects related to residential-based businesses can be explored. Home-based business opportunities are highly promising and alluring. However, they require dedication and diligence.

Understanding a home business involves running a business from a simple residential or property setting, without requiring extensive resources. Establishing a business at home offers a multitude of benefits, including:

  • Strengthening family bonds
  • Providing a conducive learning environment.

Moreover, home businesses are cost-effective and straightforward to manage. Curious about home business ideas? Explore the following points!

7 Low Capital Home Businesses with Large Turnover in Indonesia

1. Warung Business

Warung Business

Opening a stall for daily necessities can be one type of business that you can pursue! This is because everyone definitely needs these essentials, right?

2. Culinary Business

Culinary Business

The culinary business is known to be endless because everyone needs it! Moreover, Indonesia offers various types of snacks that never fail to excite your taste buds!

3. Online Shop

Online Shop

This type of business is popular with many people. In addition to requiring low capital, you can operate an online shop from anywhere with just a laptop and internet access. Simply decide on the products you want to sell.

4. Business Courses or Private Tutorin

Business Courses or Private Tutoring

If you have expertise in school subjects or other skills, you can offer business services like this.

5. Sewing Business

Sewing Business

All you need is a sewing machine and sewing skills. Begin with clothing alteration services or pants hemming and adding accessories to garments.

Over time, you can expand into a larger-scale clothing production business.

6. Affiliate Business

Affiliate Business

The affiliate business is also known as affiliate marketing! You can sell products on blogs or social media without having to buy them first.

Later, income is obtained from commissions in the form of a percentage of the price of goods sold.

7. Graphic Design Business

Graphic Design Business

If you have skills and creativity in image processing, design, or proficiency in using photo editing applications, the graphic design business is highly suitable for you.

In addition to the seven points mentioned above, the real estate buying and selling business can also be considered.

Becoming a property agent, for instance, not only requires minimal capital but also offers significant profits!

This business can be conducted from home and alongside other activities