6 Housing Recommendations In Bandung Near The City Center

Housing Recommendations In Bandung - Property People looking for housing in Bandung near the city centre? Take a peek at some of the following housing recommendations in Bandung. In addition to being comfortable, the design is modern and the air is cool.

Housing Recommendations In Bandung

Living in the center of Bandung City is a dream for many people! The reason is, even though it is in the center of the city, the house still feels cool and has easy access and is equipped with other supporting facilities.

In addition, living and owning a house in Bandung also has many advantages. One of them is the affordable cost of living in Bandung.

Seeing this, many property developers have started to set up housing projects. The housing offered also comes with a variety of design options, prices, and locations.

To help you find your dream residence, see the following recommendations for Bandung housing near the city center.

7 Recommended Housing in Bandung Near the City Center

1. Podomoro Park Bandung

Podomoro Park Bandung

Podomoro Park Bandung is a residential area with a prestigious design and resort feel in it.

The area of Podomoro Park Bandung reaches 130 hectares and offers mountain views, complete with green open space of 50 percent of the total area of the area.

Podomoro Park Bandung's facilities include a 1 km lake, commercial areas, club houses, thematic parks, and modern fresh markets.

Sports facilities such as basketball and tennis courts, swimming pools, fitness clubs, bicycle paths, and jogging tracks on the lakeside are also presented.

There is no need to hesitate about security, because Podomoro Park Bandung takes this seriously through a professionally managed system.

The developer is aware of this so that residents do not worry both when they are in the residence and when traveling.

In addition to five-star facilities, the house in Podomaro Park Bandung is located in a premium location that makes it easy for all activities.

It is located in the South Bandung area, precisely Bojongsoang District, so the residents only need 6 minutes from the Buah Batu Toll Gate.

The distance to the city center is also quite close, namely 18 minutes to Bandung Square! In addition, you only need a few minutes to go to a row of public facilities, such as:

  • Transmart Buah Batu Bandung
  • Telkom University
  • Al-Ihsan Hospital Bandung

Various favorite natural tourist destinations in Bandung such as Ciwidey and Pangalengan can be reached in about 1 hour.

The concept of one-stop living and fresh environmental conditions further enhance the experience of living at Podomoro Park Bandung.

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2. Parahyangan New City

parahyangan new city

Parahyangan New City (KBP) is the first and largest Independent City in Bandung with an area of more than 1,250 hectares.

The location of KBP has Direct Toll Access (exit from the East Padalarang Toll Gate), making it very strategic.

Located at an altitude of 650 to 900 meters above sea level, KBP also presents a comfortable climate with spectacular natural scenery in the form of valleys and lakes with mountains in the background.

Public facilities at KBP are presented so completely, namely:

  • Mason Pine Hotel
  • Parahyangan Golf
  • Cahya Kawaluyan Hospital
  • Family Sport Club
  • IKEA
  • Schools & Universities

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3. Calistha Dago Residence

Calistha Dago Residence

Calistha Dago Residence is a residential property located in a strategic location! From the residential complex area, you can reach various important locations in the city of Bandung, such as:

  • ITB
  • Hospital of Santo Borromeus
  • Cathedral Church

Calistha Dago Residence itself is located in a cool environment with a view of the surrounding pine forest.

This stylish, modern and cool elite housing was designed by architect Dr. Baskoro Tedjo! Meanwhile, the landscaping and landscape are handled by PT Ruang Hijau and a team of experienced experts.

4. Nuera House Arcamanik

Nuera House Arcamanik

Nuera House is a comfortable and beautiful residence located in Arcamanik, Bandung! This middle-class settlement in Bandung has a strategic location and is close to various public facilities:

  • 1 km from Jalan Soekarno Hatta
  • 1 km from Borma Arcamanik
  • 1.6 km from Al-Islam Hospital
  • 2.5 km from Jalan A.H Nasution
  • 2 km from Hermina Hospital
  • 5 km to Trans Studio Bandung
  • 5 km to Trans Mall Bandung
  • 8 km to Buah Batu Toll Gate

The modern and comfortable design and quite affordable price make this housing the dream of many people.

5. Summarecon Bandung

Summarecon Bandung

Summarecon Bandung is a housing located in Gedebage, East Bandung! This location is indeed quite far from the city center but in the next few years, this area has the potential to become one of the most comfortable locations to live in.

The reason is, the area is known as the sunrise property area of West Java which offers various benefits. Not only for a place to live but also as a lucrative investment.

The large number of infrastructure developments and the proximity of public facilities are one of the reasons why the developer chose this location.

The development plans that are currently being carried out include:

  • Urban Toll Road Project
  • Monorail
  • Jakarta-Bandung high-speed train

Summarecon Bandung Housing itself is located in a strategic location, with access to the 149-kilometer Padalarang-Cileunyi toll road.

This integrated residence is built on an area of 300 hectares and presents the theme of life, work and, play in one area.

6. Dago Village

Dago Village

Dago Village Bandung is an exclusive and luxurious residential complex that is integrated with an integrated tourist area.

This housing is built on hilly land with a fairly beautiful, cool and natural housing atmosphere.

Dago Village can certainly be an option for those of you who crave a comfortable residence, with beautiful views typical of the highlands of Bandung.

This housing also offers an innovative solution by building a residence on sloping land! This concept is a construction that adapts traditional Sundanese houses, namely stilt houses.

Dago Village itself can be a residential choice that is not only comfortable, but also offers a typical living experience of villas and exclusive resorts in the capital city of West Java.

Those were the recommendations for housing in Bandung near the city center! Read more articles about property and lifestyle on our larantukagypsum.com Thank You..!!